Afternoon Breezing
Afternoon Breezing is a sculpture that displays dynamic light effect harmoniously coordinated with the rotation of a fan. The work experiments with apophenia and interprets the feeling and memory of touching the gentle breeze by a windowsill.
TIME: Oct. 2019 — Nov. 2019

TEAM: Ellie Lin, Tong Wu

ROLE: TouchDesigner Development

TOOL: TouchDesigner
The floating light blocks preserve the soft and tender shadow cast by curtains blowing in the breeze on a sunny afternoon. When on circling the artwork, the breeze come from the fan in front and the coordinated wavy light movement recollect memories of the warmth from scattered sunshine and the smell brought in by the fresh breeze.
Interaction Demo and TouchDesigner File Demo
Test and Prototyping

After the first visual test, we decided to improve the overall visual and experience:

1. Bring in the rotational fan to test the overall experienceImprove the visual effect. 2. The light movement is a bit too fluid and regular for a wind movement.
3. Adjust the color palette
Future Possibilities
This 2-week school project does have enough room for further polished. We intended to make the sculpture into a time-based installation — the angle and brightness of the light block could adjust based on the sun position in realtime.
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