Touchdesigner development
James Clar x Canada Goose
Canada Goose's new product line BRANTA is going launch its Spring 20 collection soon with theme “The Art of Light”. Their spring jacket has a reflective detailing which is influenced by the work of artist James Clar and interprets the way technology has altered our perception of reality and time.
TIME: Dec. 2019 — May 2020

TEAM: James Clar, Ellie Lin, Casey Conchinha

ROLE: TouchDesigner Development

TOOL: TouchDesigner, Kinect v2, WatchPax media servers, Adobe Illustrator
The project here is partially documented due to confidentiality agreement, if you are interested in it or my experience working with James Clar in general, let's chat!
My Experience
I’m working with James Clar as one of his two assistants to development the interactive system. The collaboration has three main stages, the first is a commercial photoshoot, the second is a series of interactive installations for the upcoming Milan Design Week (Canceled due to Covid-19), and the third would be a “artist lounge” hosted by Canada Goose presenting James Clar’s BRANTA artwork via a meaningful activation at the New York Frieze Festival (Canceled due to Covid-19).
First Chapter (Dec. 2019 – Jan.2020) – Commercial Shoot: S20 collection commercial photo shoot: visually complex effects as background, generated by the artist in realtime.

Second Chapter (Canceled due to Covid-19) – Milan Design Week: Multiple room installations at Via Savona in Milan viewed by the public at night and day using the same elements from the commercial campaign shoot.

Third Chapter (Canceled due to Covid-19) – Retail Theater: An installation exhibited at the New York Frieze Festival.
Commercial Photoshoot
For the commercial shoot, we had eight 4k projectors setup in a row with fully overlapped projection on top of each other, which allows one object to have multiple shadows, potentially shadows of different colors. I helped to develop a control system in TouchDesigner for James to play with the shadow effects in real time. So during the commercial photoshoot he can easily change the content, colors, brightness of projection background according to the stage setting, theme and special requirements of the photographer.
Commercial Shoot - Tech Setup
Commercial Shoot - Background Test
Commercial Shoot - Scene Setup
Commercial Shoot - Product
Control Interface Demo for the Commercial Photoshoot
System Design for the Commercial Photoshoot
This system has functions including: uploading image/video as the background, uploading image/video as the mask, basic transformation, color modification, scaling and tiling, disable/enable individual channels and disable/enable effects.
Technical Setup:
1. Eight 4k projectors
2. Plants
3. Stage for models
Control Interface Functions:

Master Controller:
1. Add / Delete master background
2. Add / Delete master mask
3. Transformation of master background and master mask
4. Color modification of master background
5. Tiling option of master backgroundIndividual

1. Use the master background and master mask as default if no individual background/mask selected
2. Same functions as the master controller provided
3. Disable / Enable individual channelsEffect

Controllers (Channel 4):
1. Rainbow / Rain / Wind / Smoke effects selection
2. Color modification of the effect
3. Kinect realtime tracking or uploaded file manipulation supported
Prototyping | Process of Development
WorldStage Prototype with 4 Projectors
WatchPax media servers
Overlapped Shadow Effect Testing
TouchDesigner Output
Projectors Setup
Kinect Effect Testing
Kinect Tracking Test Smoke Effect
Kinect Tracking Test Rainbow Effect
Kinect Effect Testing in the Studio with 2 Projectors
Studio Shadow Testing
Studio Shadow Testing
Studio Shadow Testing
Studio Kinect Tracking Test
Milan Design Week / Frieze NYC
Unfortunately, due to the global outbreak of Covid-19, both the Milan Design Week 2020 and Frieze Art Fair NYC 2020 got canceled. Canada Goose, however, will still launch their Branta SS20 products on time and shifted their promotions from offline shows to online digital forms.
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