The Beauty of Imperfection
A flat-styled animation, created to tell the story that both the natural world and human society have imperfections, which could also be beauty instead of stigmas.
TIME: Nov. 2018

TEAM: Ellie Lin, Jiwon Shin, He Su

ROLE: Animation Production, Illustration

TOOL: AfterEffect, Illustrator
After our brainstorming, we made agreements on the general style of our animation, decided the color scheme we gonna use, came up with imperfect characters could be included in our story, and Jiwon contributed this storyboard as references of potential transitions we could apply.
Assets Illustration
We divided the work of creating assets and animating them equally into three parts, and I was responsive for the Scottish fold cat, the silver metal, the jacket with missing tooth, the withering flowers, and the leaking tap.
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