Product Prototyper: Own several rendering related product modules and lead the research, feature design, and improvement.

Interactive Engineer: Lead the Effect development of a stand-alone AR product; enable new capabilities for ByteDance's AR Effect
#1: Effect House feature design & prototyping
#2: Confidental AR application
#3: AR effects for TikTok
TIME: Nov 2020 — Present

TEAM: TikTok Effect (Team of 80)  

As Interactive Engineer: AR Development, Prototyping

As Product Prototyper: Research, Product Design and Management

TOOL: Internal Engine and Platforms
Projects here are partially documented due to confidential agreement, if you are interested in them or my experience at TikTok in general, let's chat!
#1 Effect House
My role:
- Lead the design of rendering related product modules such as Bling and (confidential) particle system;
- Set up and manage the production pipeline and prepare PRDs (Product Request Document);
- Improve effect creation tools, implement new tool or product features, build new capabilities and provide support for TikTok Effect platform;
- Collaborate with engineers, PMOs, QAs, UX designers, and technical writers on task breakdown, naming convention, resources allocation, feature walkthrough, technical guides writing.
Effect House is a desktop AR creation platform. It offers tools and learning resources, equipping creators with intuitive design and development technologies that would empower them to build immersive and dynamic effects for TikTok's global community.
Product Design and Management: Bling as an Example
Introduction to Bling
Bling can help creators to create sparkling effects that are super popular on TikTok. Shader scripting was currently required in the production process of the sparkling visual effect, but this feature will make visual adjustments more flexible and lower the creation bar.
Responsibilities as a Feature Owner
2. Going through design review and product feature review process, involved in the development and testing cycles, clear blocks and allocate resources to ensure the successful launch of the feature.
Bling - Color Picker
Bling - Property Sliders
3. Providing demo packages and drafting technical guides on Effect House learning website to make it easier for creators to start with this feature.
1.  Turning the idea into drawings and PRDs (Product Request Doc) after conducting 3-5 internal user interviews and further research on the AR effect creation workflow.
#2 AR Effect Production for TikTok
My role:
- Enable new capabilities for TikTok's AR Effect platform by exploring new technologies and transforming them into interactive tools, prototypes and templates for AR effects around the camera;
- Work closely with creative design team and product managers to deliver the most fun, expressive, and delightful experiences.
AR Effect Showcase
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